Content Marketing – Creating Intelligent Content

Intelligent Content is content that is not only smart and relevant but also content that is discoverable, reusable and not constrained to any particular use. Intelligent Content is the deciding factor in successful marketing campaigns because it can be easily discovered, extended and shared to reach large audiences on different channels. It is Intelligent Content that gets the most clicks.


Securing Enterprise Applications

Organizations face multiple issues regarding security as attackers evolve and become more versatile and sophisticated, thus increasing security compliance requirements. In order to address this issue, organizations must implement application security across any crucial enterprise applications that are susceptible to threats.


Building Mobile Apps for Manufacturing Industries

The Manufacturing Industry is constantly under pressure to reduce prices, improve the speed of product development, increase production capacity, address the changing needs of a diversified dynamic market and so on. Mobile apps offer widespread benefits to manufacturing industries including cost control, improve production and extend the reach of the manufactured products.

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