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4 Types Of Customized Software Your Business Should Have

Customized software solutions vary for each business and will be greatly influenced by the operations of your business. The main advantage of creating custom software is its ability to suit the specific needs of your business. You can customize the software to suit your work process, the roles of employees handling the work and current or future business expansion plans.

Compared to off-the-shelf software solutions, you know exactly what to expect from customized software. You will not have to worry about losing control over updates, security, timely support, life of the software and high-quality output that will enable your business to succeed.

Here are 4 types of customized software solutions that will guarantee suceess for your business.


Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

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E-Commerce Software Solutions

Running an online store may seem easy but only if you have the right tools. Off-the-shelf solutions for online store website building are rarely optimised for individual businesses. As a result, your will end up spending too much time struggling to make the program work. Customized ecommerce software solutions allow automation and analysis of multiple processes. They help manage goods and accounting in the way your store needs. They also offer your business an option to grow on your own terms. In a majority of cases, off-the-shelf solutions lack proper flexibility. Bespoke software can grow together with your business.


Inventory Management System

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Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

Many businesses consider ERP software due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Off-the-shelf options are (potentially) easy to deploy. However, to put the software to use within your business is likely to be a prolonged and intensive process to customize the ERP software and to train the users to adapt to the software. Customized ERP software is based on your company’s experience and current working guidelines. Hence the software can be put to use relatively easily because most users will be aware of the process and will only need minimal training for using the software tools. If your business makes use of highly complex operations, off-the-shelf software programs cannot provide these and your best solution is to build a customized software platform that can adapt to the complex operations.

At BizBooster, we can develop the above-mentioned bespoke software types and many more programs for your business needs. We have built a large library of tools and modules that we can quickly put together and customize to suit your business. This means you get the benefit of customized software with the implementation speed of an off-the-shelf software. Please get in touch with us to discuss about your project requirements.

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