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6 Ways to Improve Business with a Mobile App

A mobile app is a multi-functional tool that can be used for marketing, sales, customer support, operations, logistics and any other interactions between your business and your stakeholders.

What kind of app should you develop for your business?
If you are planning to increase visitors to an online shop, increase the average size of your order, implement a quality control system or manage supplies and manufacturing. All of these tasks can be solved with a single customized mobile application for business.

Mobile applications as tools for marketing are gradually replacing traditional marketing methods. A single mobile app can be an effective replacement for a business card, mailing list and website and at the same time perform many other functions.

How to build a reliable business channel with a mobile app?
The mobile app must have practical value for users, otherwise they will uninstall immediately after installation. The mobile app should have a clear focus and a purpose that the users will be able to fulfill by using the app. If your mobile app enable easy interactions for users with your business, there is a good chance that the mobile app will be successful.

6 ways your Business can Benefit with a Mobile App

Create a Loyalty Program

Bonus Loyalty Programs are more efficient than discount cards for long-term effect. A bonus card built into an app is more convenient for customers. This also ensures that most of your customers use a single channel to place orders enabling you to focus your resources.

Improve marketing conversions

Mobile apps allow you to send personalized offers to customers based on their purchase history. New customers ordering from the mobile app can be provided offers that will increase the app installs.

Improve order-delivery process

Your business can solve a number of logistics issues with the usage of a mobile app that allows customers to reserve / pre-order. This will enable your business to estimate demand and tailor your operations to suit the order and delivery schedule.

Increase the average order value

Loyal customers spend more, attract them with targeted messages customized bulk-buy discounts and incentives for purchases. Mobile apps allow your customers to keep track of the latest business offers and order products that they previously would not have considered.

Attract new customers

A mobile application with a built-in referral program motivates people to share their experience with their friends and acquaintances. The referral program can be linked to a reward program to give users a practical benefit for making referrals.

Improve interactions with customers

A precursor to improve customer loyalty is to improve communications with customers. A mobile app with an in-built messaging system will provided assurance to your customers that your business is accessible at the touch of a button to provide any necessary advice and support.

A multi-functional mobile app targeted towards your customers can act as a marketing tool to attract new customers, engage with them constantly, offer benefits for loyalty to significantly increase your customer base and average order value.

If you think your Business can benefit from any of the ways discussed above, get in touch with us and we will design a mobile app that will deliver results for your business.

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