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Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

Most business owners are aware that they should be sending out relevant, useful content about their products or services to their customers but falter when implementing a strategy to disseminate information regularly.

A Company Blog can be a useful marketing resource to connect with existing and prospective customers, increase visibility of your company, improve traffic to your website, thereby increasing leads and sales.

At BizBooster, we value Blogging to be a key part of a Digital Marketing Strategy and this article looks at how blogging will enable your business to get more audience to your website.

Increasing organic traffic to your site
Blog articles can be a great way for creating optimized content that deal with the use or application of your products and services.

Increasing the number of target keywords
Blog pages can increase the overall visibility of the site by targeting keywords not included in other pages of your website.

Create a larger website
Larger website are more likely to have a higher domain authority and their pages rank highly in search engines, increasing traffic.

Create an active website
Frequently posting content demonstrates to search engines that the website is active. Active websites are rewarded with higher rankings in results pages.

Campaign Support
If your business is promoting a specific product or service, a blog can be a useful tool in creating supporting content to increase product/service-related keywords and increase interal linking to service pages.

Link Building
If your blog is compelling to your readers, more people will link through to your blog posts. Search engines will consider your content to be more of an authority, ranking you highly and increasing traffic. Using videos, infographics etc. will make your blog more easy to link.

Blogging can also increase the overall awareness of your business and your products and enable your business to connect with new and existing customers.

Connecting with new audiences
By creating, high-quality content, your business can encourage more users to visit your website by referencing specific keywords that are relevant to the content.

Retaining existing customers
Creating compelling blog content helps customers to build a relationship with your business. When people affiliate with your business, they are more likely to recommend your business to others.

Increase social media engagement
Posting blog content on social media platforms can be a useful tool to increase social media following for your business and increase traffic to your website.

Data Capturing
Blogging enables yours business to capture data for future remarketing. Tracking visitors to specific blog posts, your business can market appropriate products or services.

Traffic Ushering
Using blog content, you can usher new or existing audiences to actionable areas of your website such as, sign up forms for quotes, discounts, coupons etc.

At, BizBooster we are fully equipped to take your business through the full cycle of content generation, content marketing and content monetization. We can create content for a wide range of topics, content that is optimized for online use, implement a sound marketing strategy for the content to gain views, traffic and conversion. We can also explore monetization opportunities for your content with online advertising and affiliate marketing.

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