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Building Mobile Apps for Manufacturing Industries

The Manufacturing Industry is constantly under pressure to reduce prices, improve the speed of product development, increase production capacity, address the changing needs of a diversified dynamic market and so on.

Mobile apps offer widespread benefits to manufacturing industries including cost control, improve production and extend the reach of the manufactured products.

A critical aspect in any manufacturing process is the order-to-delivery cycle.

A well-designed and functional mobile app can provide,

  • Advanced technical features for co-ordinating orders from development to production to delivery
  • A mobile CRM application can allow for real time tracking of the status of each process
  • Streamline a range of processes supporting manufacturing including logistics, inventory management and invoicing
  • Provide access to analytical reports and enable accelerated decision making

Besides supporting an increase in production, mobile apps for manufacturing industries also enables clear communication, enhanced collaboration and effective responsiveness of the different departments to meet customer deadlines.

10 applications of mobile apps for manufacturing industries,

  1. Inventory management systems that can use smart devices to provide real-time inventory tracking, accurate traceability and reporting
  2. Increased transparency in sales fulfilment by tracking all stages of the order management
  3. Allowing customers to review status of their order by integrating their Order Management and CRM process with development, production and delivery
  4. Instant quotations to suit customized production schedule with pricing and earliest delivery dates
  5. Production tracking with checks on quality and status of order
  6. Check compliance of production equipment compared to industry standards and notify maintenance or repairs
  7. Real-time dashboard to track production volumes
  8. Integrate with supply chain partners and logistics partners for real-time quotations and supplies
  9. Automate production using smart machinery powered by Internet of Things (IOT) and enable intelligent production, tracking and real-time delivery updates
  10. Remove process latency in the manufacturing process to reduce turnaround time, increase efficiency and overall productivity

BizBooster can help manufacturing industries to address complex business challenges with its innovative mobile solutions. Our solution development process includes,
Analysis of your manufacturing process
Define a technology roadmap
Assessment of the readiness of your infrastructure
Analysis of the vendor process and other supporting processes
Proof-of-concept development

To gain a competitive edge in manufacturing with our customized digital solutions, contact us to commission a no-obligation study of your manufacturing process.

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