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Content Marketing – Creating Intelligent Content

Intelligent Content is content that is not only smart and relevant but also content that is discoverable, reusable and not constrained to any particular use. Intelligent Content is the deciding factor in successful marketing campaigns because it can be easily discovered, extended and shared to reach large audiences on different channels. It is Intelligent Content that gets the most clicks.

By creating rich and reusable content, businesses can strategically position themselves ahead of their competitors.

Intelligent Content is Reusable

  • Repurposed content can be published more quickly reducing the time it takes to reach customers and audiences. By creating content that is modular, your business design content pieces for reuse that can be quickly put together to create unique content for the consumption of your audience.
  • Marketing brochures, product splash pages, social media posts and other structured pieces use recycled content modules to create sophisticated marketing collateral. Reusable content saves precious time when marketing your business against developments from your competitors.
  • Modular, reusable content also reduces costs. This is because less time is spent in doing the actual writing and content production expenses only include combining relevant content blocks to create a narrative.

Logical Thinking is Necessary

  • Besides being reusable, content must be logically structured to incorporate metadata, so that intelligent systems, search engines, indexing systems can understand the content and differentiate it from other content.
  • Metadata can be included in content that follows a defined structure. With a logical structure for content, humans and machines can detect what kinds of content blocks will be included. For instance, we can be certain that a whitepaper, will contain a defining statement, a value proposition along with a list of features and a list of benefits. Similary a case-study will include a problem statement, a solution and the benefits gained from that solution. Structured content can be easily created and re-created because there is a recognizable format associated with it. It also makes it easy for busy readers to refer to certain paragraphs, lists etc. without having to read through the full content.

Semantics of Content is Important

Understanding the semantics of the content being created is essential. Semantically rich content includes intentionally chosen words, phrases and optimized metadata that is suitable for your business sector or niche. Researching and incorporating unique sets of keywords and phrases, your business can create highly personalized content that targets an unique audience.

Creating Intelligent Content involves creating content that is,

  • modular and reusable
  • structured intentionally
  • semantically rich

Creating Intelligent Content may seem dauting to begin with because it is not the most natural way for creating content, but if put together successfully, Intelligent Content can be delivered more easily, customized, personalized and adapted to suit multiple channels to speed up delivery time and reduce production costs.

At BizBooster, we follow a strategy to create Intelligent Content that is modular and reusable in different formats right from web pages, blogs, product brochures and social media posts so that you pay for Content Creation only once and you reap the benefits of the using that content in different formats and channels.

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