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Custom Software For Your Business:

6 Points To Consider

When should you consider building custom software to manage your business?

Your business is growing at a steady rate and you are finding it difficult to manually record and track all your business activities or your business has grown faster than expected and your standard, off-the-shelf or packaged software cannot cope with the varied requirements of your business, then it is time to consider custom-developed software applications to give your business a competitive edge, a platform for growth and provide a solution that meets the needs of your business exactly.

Before starting to build Custom Software for your business, here are 6 important points to consider to help you make the right decision.

Custom Software Can Help You Make More Money

Custom software can help you streamline your business operations, allowing you to focus your efforts to provide a better customer experience, enhance your business reputation and grow your business. The custom software technology put in place can also be a selling point for potential clients who may be impressed with the usage of technology. Automating and streamlining time intensive, manual processes can reduce personnel costs and make your business more efficient and more profitable. The custom software can act as an asset and add value to the valuation of your business or if there are similar companies that may be interested in a similar solution, the custom software can be monetized as a separate product to create secondary income for your business.

Custom Software Makes Your Business Unique

In a competitive business environment, Custom Software can be a way of differentiating your business in the marketplace and allow you to deliver your products and services in a way that none of your competitors can.

Integrate And Connect Different Programs

One of the major benefits of building Custom Software is the ability to connect any other systems you may have into one place. This will enable your business to optimize business processes, realize time and efficiency savings. Having different, independent software platforms for each aspect of your business is complicated, time-consuming, and may lead to many mistakes.

Creating Custom Software Will Require Investment

Custom Software Development will require investment and typically more investment than buying off-the-shelf software packages. While it may be tempting in the short-run to choose a convenient and less expensive standard software, the long term ROI from a custom software can be highly impressive and every rupee spent on custom software adds Intellectual Property value to your business – whereas third party license fees is money that your business will never be able to recuperate.

Development Of Custom Software May Take Time

Purchasing off-the-shelf software probably only takes a few clicks, but putting that software to use within your business may actually take time. However, developing a unique software program for your business may take up more time and will require detailed testing before putting it into regular use. Hence when thinking of implementing custom software for your business, you have to factor in a longer implementation period.

Take Advantage Of Developer Support

Problems arise from time to time, even when using the ideal software. While off-the-shelf solutions may fit your business more or less ok, problems and questions are unavoidable, with manufacturer ‘improvements’ and ‘upgrades’ being inaccessible or expensive. Unfortunately, not all off-the-shelf program developers offer life-long support. When it comes to custom software, you own the software and can be in control of its future direction.

Personalized Support For Personalized Software

At BizBooster, we develop high-quality, unique, efficient, and time saving solutions for your business. We also offer you long term development solutions and support, helping you to unlock the full potential of your software assets as your business grows and changes. Contact us to find out how we can build Custom Software to suit your business.

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