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In this edition of the Booster Newsletter, we will be looking at Mobile Apps and how they can benefit businesses to acquire customers, retain customers and maximize selling opportunities.


6 ways your Business can Benefit with a Mobile App

A mobile app is a multi-functional tool that can be used for marketing, sales, customer support, operations, logistics and any other interactions between your business and your stakeholders.

6 ways your Business can Benefit with a Mobile App

1. Create a Loyalty Program
2. Increase the average cheque/order basket
3. Improve marketing conversions
4. Attract new customers
5. Improve order-delivery process
6. Improve interactions with customers

Taking an App from Concept to Launch

In this blog, we will look at the in’s and out’s and the methods used in mobile app development.

This blog will explain our processes, how we work with our customers and the methods we use to turn an idea into an app that is functional.

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