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The focus for this edition of the Booster Newsletter is Customized Software.

Customized software solutions as compared to off-the-shelf software offer many advantages because they are highly adaptable, economically efficient and allows your business to grow efficiently adding value to your business.


Custom Software for your Business: 6 Points to Consider

Here are 6 important points to consider to help you make the right decision,
  1. Custom Software Can Help You Make More Money
  2. Creating Custom Software Will Require Investment
  3. Custom Software Makes Your Business Unique
  4. Development Of Custom Software May Take Time
  5. Integrate And Connect Different Programs
  6. Take Advantage Of Developer Support

4 Types Of Customized Software Your Business Should Have

Here are 4 types of customized software solutions that will guarantee success for your business,
  1. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  2. Inventory Management System
  3. E-Commerce Software Solutions
  4. Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

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