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In this edition of the Booster Newsletter, we will be looking at how your business can benefit from advertising on Facebook. Whether you are a business selling direct to consumers or selling to businesses, you can target and influence your leads to connect with your business, keep track of the latest product and services your business has to offer and buy products or services from your business online or through offline channels.

Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook for the first time may feel difficult for businesses. It is difficult for a business to stand out among the news-feed which includes photos from friends and family, memes and forwards. This blog post will give you useful information on how to start with Facebook ad campaigns and get the best outcomes.

  1. Decide on the CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE
  2. Set a BUDGET
  4. Targeting the right AUDIENCE
  5. Pick the right ad PLACEMENTS
  6. Make use of attractive CREATIVES

5 Secrets to Running Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

In the ever-changing world of Social Media Marketing, making use of a strategy with clear objectives is crucial for success. Whatever the objective of the ad campaign is, it is essential that your ads are set up for success at every level. So what is the secret to create a successful Facebook ad campaign?

  1. Choose the right campaign objective
  2. Refine Target Audiences and Define Exclusions
  3. Take Advantage of Re-marketing Capabilities
  4. High-Quality Graphics
  5. Use Video

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