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What type of video is right for your business?

When you are looking to start producing some video content for your business, how do you decide what kind of video will have the maximum impact? There are many different video options you can consider for your business and being familiar with each option can help you choose the right style of video.

Before you begin, ask yourself, what do you wish to achieve with this video? How will you use the video? Who will be viewing this video?

Once you have satisfactorily answered these questions you are ready to make an informed decision on the nature of the video that will be most suitable for your business.

So here is a list of a few different types of video and how they can be used for your business.

Promotional/Homepage Video

A popular choice these days to give people an introduction to your business and showcase your business capabilities in a short film.

Platform: Website Homepage, Landing Page, Messaging via Whatsapp and Social media posts

Testimonial Film

If your business relies heavily on customer feedback, often showing a client speaking about your products or service is a good means to improve the credibility of your business and increase conversions due to peer recommendations. Keep in mind that it may not always be possible to shoot videos at customer locations and the production schedules may be higher to accommodate clients at different locations.

Platform: Website, Testimonial page, Sales Presentations, Distributed as part of Promotional Material, Trade shows and Exhibition Displays

Animation Video

If your business deals with commonly available products or service, an animation video about your business can be a unique way to stand-out of the competition and get noticed. An animation video provides creative flexibility to go beyond the limits of live-action videos and provide a unique experience to the viewer.

Platform: Website, Sales landing pages, Whatsapp messages, Social Media posts

Product Video

Product videos can be instructional in nature, showing the assembly, usage or review of a product. Product videos are detailed in nature and tend to highlight the key features of a product.

Platform: Television, Website, Instruction Manuals, Support Manuals

Corporate Video

A professional film that features information about the business, its products or services, the history of the business, clients and achievements of the business. This type of video can be 5-6 minutes in length. The corporate video provides an element of story-telling by taking the viewer through a journey of the business. The audience for his video can be potential customers, investors, other stakeholders and even prospective employees.

Platform: Sales presentations, Investor decks, USB/DVD based distribution, Tradeshows and Exhibition displays

Documentary Video

Usually longer in length, documentary videos tell a detailed story highlighting specific aspects of your business or specific events. Documentary videos generally serve the purpose of reaching out to the hearts and minds of viewers and help to inform and entertain the viewers.

Platform: TV, Streaming services, Youtube channels, Social Media channels


A video that engages the audience to showcase your business and products by making use of actors and fictitious scenarios. An advertisement video will generally tell a story to highlight the need for the product on offer.

Platform: TV, Website, Social media, Outdoor displays

Infomercial Video

Short videos with key highlights of the products can be used as part of an effective sales pitch to catch the attention of the customer and prompt action.

Platform: Web pages, Social media, Online advertising

As you have seen there are quite a variety of video content that can be created for your business. To pick one that is most suitable for your business, think about what you are trying to achieve, the intended viewers and how much time are they likely to spend in watching your video. With these key parameters answered, you can choose a right video for your business.

At BizBooster, we can help you to create a video strategy, talk you through the different options and pick the right types of video that can give the right impact for your business.

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