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Design of Brochure and Website using common design guidelines and Development of a Reporting Tool

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Nandi Powertronics Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of process automation, instrumentation and interface solutions with capabilities of In-House Design, Engineering and Manufacturing.

Nandi Powertronics has built an impressive portfolio of innovative products to cater for customers in India and abroad.




Nandi Powertronics has built an impressive array of products and solutions over the years with a range of marketing collaterals. Although informative, these marketing collaterals were different to each other in design and style.

Nandi Powertronics required a solution that will standardize design and content across all marketing collaterals.


BizBooster developed a common design and style guideline through the use of appropriate corporate colors, fonts and design elements that can be reused on all marketing collateral to provide a common design standard. Making use of this common design standard, BizBooster has developed Brochures with relevant content and  latest product photographs, Corporate Presentations with Infographics and Product Specification sheets for the consolidated marketing activities at Nandi Powertronics

Key Features

  • Common Corporate Design guidelines with color, font and graphical elements
  • Design of Booklet Brochure
  • Design of Tri-Fold Brochure
  • Content Development
  • Design of Infographics
  • Development of Corporate Presentation
  • Design of Product Specification Sheet



The website of Nandi Powertronics was outdated in terms of its look and its content. The website had not kept pace with the rapid developments taking place within the company.

The website for Nandi Powertronics required accurate and detailed content about the company and its activities along with a comprehensive catalog of all products manufactured by the company.

Information and specifications of new products developed by the company had to be sent to customers to generate enquiries.


BizBooster developed content for the website to accurately represent the activities of the company to be used in a  modern responsive website purpose-built for Nandi Powertronics. The common design guidelines developed for Branding activities was carried over to the website. 

A product catalog with detailed information about the products and their specifications has been included to inform visitors about the different products and their part numbers.

Visitors can also subscribe to a Newsletter that will keep them up-to-date on the latest developments and products at Nandi Powertronics. 

Key Features

  • Responsive website built with WordPress
  • Product Catalog built with WooCommerce
  • Attractive Design following the corporate design guidelines
  • Comprehensive keyword-optimized content
  • Newsletter subscription

Web Application


Nandi Powertronics is a pioneer in the field of IOT products in India and required a solution to record and track data received from a Smart device deployed on the field. The Smart device cotinuously relayed data at intervals of 40 seconds which had to be stored and relayed back to users when required.


BizBooster built a database and a custom Reporting tool that will firstly store all data received from the Smart device and allow users to review all the data received. Users are able to export data by selecting a date range for further analysis. The web application has been built to handle large volumes of data being received from the Smart device.

Key Features

  • Store readings from Smart device
  • Review latest readings from the device
  • Export data between any 2 dates


  • PHP based Rest APIs
  • MySQL database
  • PHP based Web Application

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