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Design of Brochure and Website using common design guidelines and Development of an Animated Video

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Pro Harvest provides multi-layer, high-barrier packaging solutions that are designed to keep perishable foods in a super-airtight environment. Produce stored in the ultra hermetic environment of Pro Harvest packaging do not spoil, and insects cannot survive and consume that which is stored. Food products remain fresh and tasty, unpolluted, organic, and healthy; seeds maintain their vigor and their ability to germinate.

Pro Harvest brand of products is manufactured by Universal Enterprises.

Branding – Brochures


Pro Harvest manufactures innovative packaging products that are designed to keep food fresher for longer without the use of artificial preservatives or fumigants.

ProHarvest required marketing material that would highlight the technology used within their packaging materials as well as shocase the versatility of their product to suit all varieties of dried products. It was necessary for the brochures to have very little text information and be suitable for agriculturists.


BizBooster designed a Brochure with extensive use of Illustrations, Infographics to make it easily readable by readers with limited education. 

In addition to designing brochures in English, Kannada and Hindi versions of the brochures were also created for marketing activities in different regions.

BizBooster developed the content for the brochure, including the development of Infographics to minimize textual content. Illustrations showing the usage of the products were also included in the brochure for the benefit of the users. 

Key Features

  • Common Corporate Design guidelines with color, font and graphical elements
  • Design of Tri-Fold Brochure in English, Kannada and Hindi
  • Design of Flyer in English, Kannada and Hindi
  • Content Development
  • Design of Infographics
  • Design of Illustrations

Branding – Videos


Pro Harvest wanted to showcase the benefits of their products by comparing the usage of their packaging products against the usage of other commonly available packaging products. The requirement was for the Pro Harvest benefits to be shown in the form of a video that agriculturists can easily relate to and understand.

Por Harvest also wanted to capture Testimonials from the users of their products and create an Instruction Video that showed the proper way of using their packaging products.


BizBooster developed a story board for an Animation Video from the perspective of the food grain stored within Pro Harvest packaging, narrating the usage and benefits of Pro Harvest products.  The Animation Video included text showing the narration from the food grain. The Animation Video showed a story of the journey of the food grain stored within Pro Harvest packaging and compared it to the journey of the good grain stored within ordinatry packaging to highlight the benefits of the Pro Harvest packaging. Different versions of the Animation Video were created to show text translated into Kannada and Hindi languages.

BizBooster created Instructional Videos showing the correct usage of the products for the benfit of agriculturists and farmers with step-by-step instructions on how to use and secure Pro Harvest packaging.

Testimonial Videos from users were also created to show how Pro Harvest packaging products are being used by farmers and the benefits that they have gained by using Pro Harvest products.

Key Features

  • Development of Animation Storyboard and text script
  • Animation Video of Pro Harvest packaging showing usage and benefits
  • Animaton Video with translated text in Hindi and Kannada
  • Instruction Video on the usage of Pro Harvest packaging
  • Testimonial Videos from packaging users



Pro Harvest required a brand new website to showcase its innovative range of packaging products and provide full details of the technology behind their packaging and the benefits of using Pro Harvest packaging. The website was also required to include testimonials and reviews from users who have benefited from using their packaging products.

Pro Harvest required the website to follow a common design guidelines similar to the Brochures.


BizBooster designed the website around the question of why users should make use of Pro Harvest packaing products. The website provided details on the benefits of using Pro Harvest packaging before explaining the science and innovation behind the product. 

The website showed the full range of packaging products manufactured by Pro Harvest along with testimonials from users who have benefited from the products.

To provide website visitors with the latest information regarding Pro Harvest products and their usage in different parts of the country, updates from the Facebook page were automatically displayed on the wesbite.

Key Features

  • Responsive website built with WordPress
  • Product details with Inforgraphics
  • Testimonials section with videos
  • Attractive Design following the corporate design guidelines
  • Comprehensive keyword-optimized content

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